BASIC vs Python

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Fri Dec 17 14:47:08 CET 2004

Gregor Horvath wrote:

> Peter Otten wrote:
>> May you could give us an idea of the current state of basic affairs then
>> by translating the following example snippet:
> yes you can do it in VB6, but pythons lists and dictionarys are superior
> to those built in in VB and I think to those in most other languages.
>> It's me wrote:
>>>I saw this code from an earlier post:
>>>lst1 = ["ab", "ac", "ba", "bb", "bc"]
>>>lst2 = ["ac", "ab", "bd", "cb", "bb"]
>>>dct1 = dict.fromkeys(lst1)
>>>print [x for x in lst1 if x not in dct1]
>>>print [x for x in lst1 if x in dct1]
> I think line3 should be
>  >>dct1 = dict.fromkeys(lst2)
> correct?

Either that or lst2 in the list comprehensions.

> VB6 Code:


> Function ColHasKey(col As Collection, item) As Boolean
> On Error GoTo er
>    A = col(item)
>    ColHasKey = True
> Exit Function
> er:
>    If Err.Number = 5 Then
>      ColHasKey = False
>    Else
>      Err.Raise Err.Number
>    End If
> End Function

Almost an exception handler ;-)
Thank you for taking the time to show me. I had VB.Net in mind when I wrote
"current state", though.


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