Twisted Non-Admin Installation

Rob Williscroft rtw at
Sun Dec 26 14:54:54 CET 2004

Kartic wrote in news:1104035693.376032.90900 at 
in comp.lang.python:

> Hello,
> I downloaded the Win32 installer for Twisted 1.3.0, Python 2.3.
> The installer, when executed under my login, fails as it requires
> administrator rights to install (why they have it as a requirement, I
> don't understand).
> So I started the installer as the admin user. That too failed because I
> have a non-admin install of Python 2.3 on my machine and when I launch
> the Twisted installer as admin, it is unable to find a Python
> installation for the admin user!
> So, can someone let me know how I can install Twisted as a non-admin
> user for a non-admin installation of Python? Installing from source is
> not an option as I do not have MSVC.

Logon as Administrator, add yourself to the Administrators group 
logon as yourself, install twisted. Then remove yourself from
the Administrators group.

This should let you install, but wether it leaves twisted in a 
usable (by a non administrator) state, I don't know.

Also AIUI twisted have a mailing list of there own, the link

is on there home page:


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