Python for Palm OS?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Dec 8 03:07:40 CET 2004

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> I just got myself a new Treo 650 and was looking around for Python for 
> Palm projects.  The only ones I find are Pippy
> and Python to Palm Pilot Port
> both of which look to be rather stale.  They're both based on the 1.5 
> codebase, and both appear to be unmaintained (Pippy has the last news 
> date in 2002; I couldn't find an obvious date for PPPP).
> Is there any news regarding Python on the Palm OS front?

I haven't seen any news, and gave up on the above as well.

I did, however, find ,
a Palm port of Lua (4.0 currently, 5.0 in beta).  It's quite
effective and, to a Python fan, not so far from Python that
I particularly mind.

Just an FYI...


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