A rational proposal

Paul Rubin http
Sun Dec 19 04:17:35 CET 2004

aleaxit at yahoo.com (Alex Martelli) writes:
> gmpy wraps GMP, which is covered by LGPL; therefore, gmpy itself is
> LGPL, and thus, sadly, cannot be included with python (otherwise,
> speaking as gmpy's author, I'd be glad to fix its design to meet your
> objections).

There's no obstacle to including LGPL'd modules as part of the Python
distribution as long as those modules are also offered as source code.
The LGPL does place some conditions on how LGPL'd modules can be
further redistributed, which users would have to abide by; that might
or might not be considered undesirable for Python distro purposes.
There's certainly no reason the Python docs can't point to modules
like gmpy.  They already point to code and documentation that's
flat-out proprietary.

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