Performance (pystone) of python 2.4 lower then python 2.3 ???

Mark Asbach mark.asbach at
Wed Dec 15 16:21:59 EST 2004

Hi Lucas,

> No,the reason that you see 2 times as many processors as really are 
> installed is the hyperthreading feature of the Xeon (see 
> I turned it off (in the BIOS). The machine I tested on has 2 (pysical)
> processors installed. Turning on or off does not influence the pystone
> number significantly..

Sorry for the confusion - that was what I wanted to say: from my
perspective it is unlikely that the performance decrease seen on your
dual processor CPU is related to having two processors. Because python
thinks it has two processors on my machine, too (because of
hyperthreading) and should exhibit the same decrease then (IF it would
be coupled to two processors).



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