What is on-topic for the python list [was "Re: BASIC vs Python"]

Doug Holton insert at spam.here
Tue Dec 21 17:10:56 CET 2004

Steve Holden wrote:
> 'Scuse me? This group has a long history of off-topic posting, and 
> anyway who decided that CPython should be the exclusive focus? Even 
> on-topic we can talk about Jython and PyPy as well as CPython.

I agree with your point, although Hans Nowak and others may not. 
Anything related to python or from the perspective of a current or 
potential python user is on-topic for this list.  We can talk about 
logo, jython, java or other topics whenever and whereever we want.  If 
you can't accept free speech and different perspectives, you're going to 
be disappointed.  But please do not react by trying to intimidate and 
troll others here.

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