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Mon Dec 13 18:21:31 CET 2004

Michele Simionato wrote:
> I was looking at Python 2.4 subprocess.Popen. Quite nice and handy, but I
> wonder why a "kill" method is missing. I am just adding it via subclassing,
> class Popen(subprocess.Popen):
>     def kill(self, signal = SIGTERM):
>         os.kill(, signal)
> but I would prefer to have it in the standard Popen class. I am surprised
> it is not there. Any comments?

Seems like an ommission, but probably due
to windows implementation problems?

Note my that was referenced
in pep 324 does have a kill method:
Note also that it also kills any children
of the subProcess using process groups.

Pádraig Brady -

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