Upgrade woes: Numeric, gnuplot, and Python 2.4

Cedric cedricl at videotron.ca
Fri Dec 31 22:20:56 CET 2004

This is a 3 weeks old problem, but having found a solution (and having
looked for one here, finding only this message), I'm replying now.

From: Jive (someone at microsoft.com)
Subject: Upgrade woes: Numeric, gnuplot, and Python 2.4 
Date: 2004-12-11 18:45:10 PST 
> Here's my sitch:
> I use gnuplot.py at work, platform Win32.  
> I want to upgrade to Python 2.4.
> Gnuplot.py uses extension module Numeric.  
> Numeric is now "unsupported." The documentation 
> says "If you are new to Numerical Python, please 
> use Numarray.".  It's not that easy, dangit.  
> The download page for numpy does not contain a 
> 2.4 version of Numeric, and I suspect they do 
> not intend to release one, because there IS a 2.4 
> version of Numarray.

Numarray was designed to be mostly backward compatible with Numeric. I
just replaced all of the

import Numeric


import numarray as Numeric

and it worked fine. Though I also had the same problem that I had with
Python 2.3 and Gnuplot, namely having to correct gnuplot_command in
gp_win32.py. On a related note, maybe I don't understand pipes, but
why doesn't popen() return an error when it doesn't find the file, and
it's open for reading?


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