New versions breaking extensions, etc.

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Tue Dec 14 01:12:45 CET 2004

"Cameron Laird" <claird at> wrote in message
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> Tcl went through this epiphany a few years, and has largely,
> though not exclusively, committed to use of the once-more-
> redirected API called Stubs <URL: >.
> Some Tcl-ers are orgasmic about the wonders of Stubs, some
> ignore it, a few don't like it, and most, perhaps, aren't
> even aware of its existence.  Performance doesn't appear to
> be much of an issue, though.

It uses function pointer tables (like COM), but in the "other direction"

Bit by bit, I am remembering now just how stupifyingly brain-dead the MS DLL
scheme is.
Back in '87 or so, I wrote a better dynamic linker (for a Unix) in a couple
of days.

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