why no python setup.py uninstall?

Roger Binns rogerb at rogerbinns.com
Mon Dec 13 01:41:35 CET 2004

<alia_khouri at yahoo.com> wrote in message news:1102374458.743703.110210 at z14g2000cwz.googlegroups.com...
> I think a little database (maybe in xml?) of installed files/modules
> and their locations would be useful, perhaps even for a future
> automatic download/installation/dependency-tracking thingmabob that
> still regretably still doesn't exist as parth of the stdlib in
> Pythonia.

Actually it does, indirectly

Instead of doing 'python setup.py install', change the last parameter
to bdist.  You can add --format wininst, --format rpm and various
other choices to make a package native to your platform.  You can
then use your platform tools to install and uninstall the files.
Or you can use the zip/tar formats and keep track of the files by
whatever means you want to.



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