Tabnanny really useful?

Steve Holden steve at
Tue Dec 21 16:08:56 CET 2004

John Roth wrote:
> I know what I would like to see in an editor:
> First, it autodetects whether the module uses
> tabs consistently, spaces consistently or a
> mixture. If it uses tabs consistently, it then
> uses the current default.
> If it uses spaces consistently, it should also
> autodetect the indentation setting in use in
> the module and offer to change it if it's
> different from the current default indentation
> setting.
> If it's inconsistent, it should make an attempt
> to deduce the model the creating software
> used; if it can it should change it to the
> default setting without complaining. Otherwise
> it should complain.
> John Roth
Sounds like WingIDE to me. I'm a recent convert, but one feature that 
impressed me was the instant warning I got when I indented code with 
spaces in a tab-oriented source file.

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