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Mon Dec 27 18:11:16 CET 2004

Rÿffffe9veillÿffffe9 wrote:

> Hello,
> I have just started doing the python tutorials and i
> tried to modify one of the exercises, it has to to
> with defining functions. 
> I wanted the user to be able to enter an option and
> then get a print of the selected option. I also wanted
> to have an exit for the user. 
> This is the code....
> def PU():
>     print 'To have a ...'
> def Python():
>     print 'To create a programme ...'
> def overall():
>     print 'To make .....'
> def motv():
>     print 'I know you can do it!'
>     def menu():
>         print ' GOALS IN... '
>         print '____________________'
>         print '1.Pick up'
>         print '2.Python Programming'
>         print '3.Overall'
>         print '4.Motivation'
>         print '5.Exit'
>         print '____________________'
> menu()
> while choice != 5:    
>        choice = input ('Pick a number:')
>        if choice == 1:
>                PU()
>        elif choice == 2:
>                Python()
>        elif choice == 3:
>                overall()
>        elif choice == 4:
>                motv()
> else:
>     print 'Bye'
> The problem is that it doesnt print the 
> [ choice = input ('Pick a number:') ]
> command. It just runs thru the whole thing without
> allowing the user a selection.
No, it doesn't. It prints:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "test97.py", line 24, in ?
NameError: name 'menu' is not defined

There's a good reason for this, too: you define motv(), and inside that 
function you define the menu() function. Since the menu() function is 
defined inside the body of motv(), its definition is only created when 
motv() is callinside the *local* namespace of the invocation of motv(). 
ed. The call to motv() returns, and everything the function "knew" is 

I suggest you change the indentation of the menu() definition so it's at 
the same level as your other functions.

That was a lucky problem, however, because it stopped a later error from 
occurring. That "while choice != 5" will fail the first time it is 
executed, since you haven't actually set the value of choice to be anything.

Now, quite why you chose to misinform us as to the behavior of your 
program I can't really divine. I'll be charitable, and assume that you 
are actually referring to some earlier version. But a sound rule for 
getting help is "always post the code AND the error traceback".

Also, note that when you type in the digit 1 in response to your 
program's prompt (when you eventually see it), that will become the 
string value "1" in the choice variable. Since "1" is not equal to 1 you 
will always "fall off the end" and print "Bye".

Perhaps you'd like to try again after you've attempted to remedy some of 
the deficiencies I have pointed out? There's plenty of help available 
here, and you aren't far from a working program.

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