some pointers for a newbie

John Evans jevans at
Sun Dec 5 01:33:14 CET 2004

Hi, I have decided to play around with python, for the simple reason 
there appears nothing better to do at 2am on a sunday morning ;)

Anyway I am familiar with languages similar to PHP, javaa script, and 
also languages which have similarities on the surface to python such as 
Lingo (macromedia Director). so python is looking fairly straight 
forward, but what i am noticing is a complete lack of basic starter 
knowledge from myself - to be expected one would think :D

So what i ask is, for someone who wants to dip his toe in the pond and 
runs a powerbook with os x what tools, resources should I look into as 
being the most useful?

Also is it best to use an IDE like the one which comes from installing 
macPython, or is it best to use a basic text editor, or perhaps even 
xcode could be recommended (esp if I wanted to build some simple UI 
using interface builder?)

Any and all responses greatly received.



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