Python mascot proposal

Eric Pederson whereU at
Mon Dec 13 09:58:29 CET 2004

> Since the word 'Python' would bring -some- sort of snake associations, 
> I 
> thought of combining snake and Monty Python symbolic, like making a 
> snake wind around a giant foot, or adding long mustache and an english 
> hat to a snake or something in that manner, or even put a snake into a 
> holy grail heh.
> But then again, I'm not sure if there'll be no copyright issues.

But surely only you and I and the other Pythonistas will recognize a Norwegian Blue when we see one.

Might be hard to get away from the snake, as was noted, its a level or two easier mental association than MP.

Logo?  Maybe a Norweigian Blue on is back, one fut in e air, wit a snake ead off to is ide, grinningly wit a char-grin?

es not dead!

Eric Pederson
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