Tkinter vs wxPython

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Wed Dec 29 20:52:38 CET 2004

On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 13:37:22 -0600, Thomas Bartkus <tom at> wrote:
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> > Cameron Laird wrote:
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> > Well, while on Windows "native" look exists, on X11 "native" has other
> > meaning. On my wife's desktop it's KDE that is native, GNUStep is native
> > on mine and I strongly object calling GTK "native", as one can read on
> > SWT/Eclipse website. There's no "universally native" look on X11. Some
> > toolkits look better, but this is a matter of personal taste, for
> > software developer clean, stable API and suitable widgets are of much
> > higher value.
> >
> What I think people mean by "native" is that it follows the design scheme
> selected for the desktop.
> When run under Linux, my wxPython programs follow the look and feel of my
> Gnome desktop.  When the same program is run on Windows, it follows that
> desktop theme. Both Gnome and Windows XP alter the the controls design
> according to user preferences.  wxPython GUIs reflect this automatically and
> the controls always look and work like the underlying system.

  I think you're right about what "native" means.

> I may be wrong but I don't think you get that with TKinter!

  Tk has native widgets for many platforms.


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