installing wxPython on Linux and Windows

Rob Williscroft rtw at
Fri Dec 3 15:13:24 CET 2004

Daniel Bickett wrote in news:mailman.7076.1102081193.5135.python-
list at in comp.lang.python:

>> I have no way to build it on Windows though, as I don't have Visual C++
>> 7.1, for that we must wait for Robin Dunn.
> Would it be too difficult of a task to try getting the build working
> with Dev-C++? That way those without enough incentive for purchasing
> Visual C++ (in excess of $100, I believe) could build it. Forgive my
> ignorance if this has already been considered ;)

Just the tools (no IDE):

Its a 33 MB download, a bit less than $100. 


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