Configuration Files

M.E.Farmer mefjr75 at
Sun Dec 26 08:14:37 CET 2004

Aaron wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in creating a large number of configuration files
which I
> have no experience doing in python. The fields will be static for the
> part. But design changes and I might want to add new fields in the
> My question is - whats the best module for creating, reading, and
> these files(something like an INI)?

Ummm did you look at the standard library before asking any on this?
If you are a total newbie I'll give you a start it is in the
Python/Lib folder.
Look for a module called ;)
I might post a code sample if I am up to much turkey, and

> I want it to be powerful,
> yet simple and minimalistic, not requiring a huge amount of overhead.
Don't we all!


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