rexec and bastion

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Dec 5 14:38:24 CET 2004

Kay Schluehr wrote:

> Cited from Python-doc ( v.2.3 )
> [Warning:  In Python 2.3 these modules have been disabled due to
> various known and not readily fixable security holes. The modules are
> still documented here to help in reading old code that uses the rexec
> and Bastion modules.]
> My question about rexec and bastion may be anachronistic but I did not
> found much explanation, why rexec and bastion are swiss cheese? It may
> be helpfull to resume the problems to learn from them.

is google down today?


    For discussion of the problems with rexec, see the python-dev threads
    starting at the following URLs:


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