Complementary language?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Sun Dec 26 15:08:36 CET 2004

gabriele renzi <rff_rff at> wrote:

> The mozart/Oz platform have a stronger point on stuff like 
> constraint/logic/declarative concurren/etc programming, more than most
> of the CL frameworks (not that this is hard in CL, it's just not as 
> central as in Oz).  Btw, I think AliceML (which just hit 1.0) would be
> better than Oz, if accompaniying with python, just to have a 
> dynamic/static contrast :)

Nolo contendere (not having looked much into Alice yet), but are there
stand-alone didactical materials for Alice as there are for Oz?  It
seemed to me that the available materials for Alice basically take SML
somewhat for granted, while Oz does come with tutorials which make no
analogous assumptions.  If you're recommending Alice as the second
language for somebody whose first and only language so far is Python,
what URLs and/or books would you point them to, for self-stufy?


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