Upgrade woes: Numeric, gnuplot, and Python 2.4

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at iinet.net.au
Sun Dec 12 05:14:12 CET 2004

Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> Jive wrote:
>>4) Buy a copy of the VC++ 7.1 and port Numeric myself. (I still don't
>>know what to buy from Mr. Gates -- VC++ .net Standard?)

The cheapest version should be fine (Python doesn't rely on anything fancy - the 
command line tools are the main things it needs).

> VC++ 7.1, the compiler/linker, is a free download. Google for "VC toolkit". You
> won't get the fancy IDE and stuff, but you have everything you need to build
> your extensions. I saw patches floating around to build Python itself with the
> free version (a couple of small nits).

The downside is that the total download to get all the pieces you need is on the 
order of 400 MB. . .


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