Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

Phil Thompson phil at
Mon Dec 20 15:31:44 CET 2004

> Here is another question, are you deploying in Linux, Windows, Mac, or
> some combination of these?  I think that may be a big factor to
> consider.  I do like the look of Qt under Linux, however, I have never
> seen it under Windows.  Qt seems to be very focused in Linux, with Mac
> and Windows support as a reluctant afterthought.

Sorry, I can't let such an uninformed statement pass without some sort of
comment. While Qt is probably installed on more Linux desktops than
Windows desktops (because of KDE), Trolltech sell more Windows licenses
than Linux/UNIX licenses. One of the main points of Qt is that it runs
equally well on all platforms.

To the OP, get wxPython and PyQt/Qt for Windows, try them both out and go
with the one that best fits your criteria.  There are free, fully
functional, evaluation versions of both Qt and PyQt.


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