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Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Thu Dec 9 11:07:35 CET 2004

Phillip Bowden wrote:
> I feel that I've learned the language pretty well, but I'm having
> trouble thinking of a medium to large project to start.  What are
> projects that you have written in the past with Python?

I'm the maintainer of several python projects. Most of them have
their current homepage at

(soon to move though)

My *main* current interest is writing python CGIs - online tools.
There are a couple of projects I really want to do, but haven't had
the time. If you are interested I could support you in working on

The first one is an online bookmarks manager. There are various of
these around - but none in python and none as straightforward as I
would like. It would be easy to get something working and then expand
it to do more things (like import bookmarks from IE/mozilla/firefox,
check links, organise folders etc).  I could give you a section on
voidspace - complete with FTP login and python 2.3.4  - if you

An alternative project (not online) is a 'simple version control'
program. I've written a set of libraries and a GUI tool that do
directory syncing. The libraries are called FSDM and the GUI tool is
called DirWatcher. It can snapshot directories and then work out any
changes. I use it for keeping directories in sync in the three
different computers I use.

It would be relatively simple for turning this into a tool that
monitored projects for you. You could 'snapshot' a set of folders
and label that as  version 0.1. You could track changes and allow the
rolling back of individual files, or even a whole project to a previous
version. Again I could offer you every support (work with you
effectively). I would also like to  change the data format of saved
files from my own text markup to XML. There is a very nice library
called XMLobject that will read & write XML - so it should be simple,
but I don't have the time. It would make an excellent little version
control system for small projects with individual developers.
Anyway, whatever you do, good luck.






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