Dubious Python WAS: Re: Lambda going out of fashion

Brian van den Broek bvande at po-box.mcgill.ca
Fri Dec 24 09:13:18 CET 2004

Fernando Perez said unto the world upon 2004-12-23 14:42:
> Alex Martelli wrote:
>>I don't know what it IS about lambda that prompts so much dubious to
>>absurd use, but that's what I observed.  I don't know if that plays any
>>role in Guido's current thinking, though -- I have no idea how much
>>"dubious Python" he's had to struggle with.
> Just a side comment, unrelated to the lambda issue: it just occurred to me that
> it might be very useful to have a collection of 'dubious python' available
> somewhere.  Just as it is great for everyone to see good code in action, it is
> equally enlightening to see examples of bad practices (preferably with an
> explanation of why they are bad and the good alternatives).  
> I suspect after your CB2 experience, you are in a uniquely well-qualified
> position to have such a collection handy.  Whether you feel inclined to spend
> the necessary time assembling it for public consumption is a different
> story :)  But I think it would be a very valuable resource, and a great way to
> point newbies to 'mandatory reading' before they travel down the same blind
> alleys for the n-th time.
> Cheers, and happy holidays,
> f

Hi all,


I would find this really useful!

I'm much more likely to be among the benefited than the benefactors. 
This could be a lot of work for one person. Thus, it seems like a good 
thing for a wiki, so as to spread the weight around. With that in mind, 
I created <http://www.python.org/moin/DubiousPython>. I hope this seems 
like a good idea to others, particularly those more able to extend it 
than I. (I'd also be grateful if others could remove any feet than I 
might have inadvertently put into my mouth on the wiki page.)

Best to all,

Brian vdB

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