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Fri Dec 24 13:30:15 CET 2004

[Alan Gauld]
 > I dunno. Here in the UK there was a small home computer called (I
 > think) the Oric(*) which had a membrane keyboard, 4K or RAM and
 > ran Forth.It had a small cult following before dying out. It
 > looked a bit like the early Sinclair/Timex ZX81 and I think the
 > developers came from that stable.
 > (*)I suspect the name was a dedication to a populat SciFi series
 > of the time, Blake's 7, which had a computer called Orac...

I'm afraid your memory fails you .......

The Oric-1 had a keyboard with *actual* keys, and came in two memory 
sizes, 16K and 48K (I had the 48K :-). It was a lovely little machine, 
and included all kinds of goodies, like a 6522 VIA ....

I think you're mixing up the Oric with the Jupiter Ace ....

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