Python 3000 and "Python Regrets"

Ian Bicking ianb at
Wed Dec 1 19:31:37 CET 2004

beliavsky at wrote:
> I just came across the slides for Guido van Rossum's "Python Regrets"
> talk, given in 2002. It worries me that much of my Python code would
> be broken if all of his ideas were implemented. He doesn't even like
> 'print'. Of course, I am not qualified to argue with Van Rossum about
> the direction of Python.
> When is Python "3000" expected to appear? Is there a list of expected
> incompatibilities with Python 2.3? Are serious Python programmers
> already taking care to avoid using Python features that may disappear
> in Python 3000?

Python 3000 is kind of imaginary.  It's a what-if: what if Guido could 
do whatever he wanted without worrying about backward compatibility?

At one point Python 3000 and Python 3.0 were kind of the same thing (or 
the same plan -- neither are implemented or even thoroughly planned). 
Now they are separate ideas -- if you see references to Python 3.0, it 
also includes some backward incompatible changes and cleanup, like maybe 
input() will disappear, and integer division will go away, and things 
like range() will return iterators (and xrange goes away).  But it's 
much more conservative, and presented as a more realistic plan.  print 
will still be around.

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