from vb6 to Python

Gerhard Häring gh at
Fri Dec 10 23:23:26 CET 2004

MarcoL wrote:
> Hello,
>     I am a VB6 programmer and I would like to learn a new high level 
> language (instead of restarting from scratch with .NET), wich is 
> opensource and cross-platform, in order to develop cross-platform 
> business applications
> I think Python is the most suitable language for the scope.
> My question are:
> - Which version of python is more suitable for creating cross-platform 
> GUI's? I've herard of PyGTK, wxPython, PyQT, tk, Anygui..

It's a matter of taste. I like wxPython best. It would probably be 
different if PyQT was also open-source on win32.

> - What is the best IDE/RAD for Python (written in Python and OpenSource)

You should check out ERIC/Qt. If you need to target Windows, then you 
can consider buying a win32 Qt/PyQt license.

The best IDE I've seen so far is WingIDE (commercial).

> - Does exist a tool (written in Python and OpenSource) like Crystal 
> Report for creating business reports?

Reportlab is the closest I know.

> - Does exist a tool (written in Python and OpenSource) for makeing 
> tables, view, querys, relation of a database and generate the SQL script?

Rekall is the closest.

> - Is it possible, from Python, to work with sqlite? And with MsAccess?


pysqlite (, and pyado, if by MsAccess you mean 
using the JET engine via ADO.


-- Gerhard

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