Ideas for projects

John Hunter jdhunter at
Sat Dec 11 06:09:08 CET 2004

>>>>> "Phillip" == Phillip Bowden <pbowden at> writes:

    Phillip> I feel that I've learned the language pretty well, but
    Phillip> I'm having trouble thinking of a medium to large project
    Phillip> to start.  

Some of these may be on the "large" side, but

 - Provide a full-feature, mostly specification complete python pdf

 - Write a proper python package manager that recursively handles
   dependencies across platforms (CPAN/apt-get for python).

 - Enhance GUI integration.  Ie, allow python code targetting one GUI
   environment to be used in a different one (contribute to anygui?)
 - Add 3D graphics to matplotlib (nudge, nudge, my own project).
   Integrate VTK?

 - Contribute a full-featured wavelets analysis package for python 

 - Add internationalization support to your favorite python package
   which lacks it.

 - Add client side python support to mozilla and/or XUL

 - Write a python app that crawls python-list USENET posts looking for
   book or GUI-toolkit recommendations and automatically responds with
   links to FAQs and google groups.  Be sure to include "google is
   your friend" in every response.

 - Contribute to the ipython rewrite effort so that python finally has
   an interactive shell across platforms worth its salt that has a
   chance of being included in the standard library.

 - Solve the problems with the global interpreter lock and give python
   a proper security model that will satisfy everyone with a hardcore
   Java and C++ background.  Implement a proper Rational class and
   support date string formatting over the range of dates that the
   datetime module supports.  Provide a full featured timezone module
   for the standard library.  Support compile time type identification
   for runtime optimizations.

If any or all of these have already been done, my apologies to the
respective authors.


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