ANN: PSF Licensing FAQ

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at
Sat Dec 11 21:53:48 CET 2004


The Python Software Foundation (PSF) board recently wrote up a licensing
FAQ that we hope will help to clear up some of the confusion that has
surrounded the PSF License.  There are quite a few projects out there (on
Source Forge and otherwise) that misuse this license in ways potentially
detrimental to those projects.

If you are the author or maintainer of a project that uses the PSF
License, please read this:

In short:  The PSF License was originally developed specifically and only
for Python itself (and its standard library).  It can be reused but not
verbatim without modifying the copyright and product name in the license.
Also, the entire "license stack" that comes with Python is irrelevant to
3rd party projects and should not be reproduced outside of Python.

The above document also covers contribution of code to the PSF, which is
only an issue if your code will become part of the Python distribution.
The contribution process is still being set up, so this part of the
document is subject to change.

Please cc me on any replies, as I can't currently keep up with CLP.


Stephan Deibel
Chairman of the Board
Python Software Foundation

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