make uninstall?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Dec 13 20:30:18 CET 2004

Christopher J. Bottaro wrote:

> So Python installs one file and two dirs (containing files/dirs).  If I
> delete all three of those, it will delete all installed modules as well,
> right?  I mean, when I installed cx_Oracle, it only installed files in
> $PYTHONDIR/lib/python2.3 and $PYTHONDIR/include/python2.3 right?

yes, most add-ons only add stuff to lib/python2.3.

I forgot one file, btw:

>> $ rm /usr/somewhere/bin/python

$ rm /usr/somewhere/bin/python2.3

>> $ rm -rf /usr/somewhere/lib/python2.3
>> $ rm -rf /usr/somewhere/include/python2.3

and yes, the installer might have added a man-page (or two) some-
where under /usr/somewhere/man/...


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