PHP vs. Python

Russell E. Owen no at spam.invalid
Thu Dec 23 00:59:35 CET 2004

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 stephen.mayer at wrote:

>Anyone know which is faster?  I'm a PHP programmer but considering
>getting into Python ... did searches on Google but didn't turn much up
>on this.

For web service, the first hurdle is picking which python web interface 
to use, installing it and (if necessary) configuring your web server to 
use it. (All that choice is great in many respects, but it does 
complicate getting started.)

Anyway, once you've done that, i doubt you'll find any speed issues with 
python, and it is a more pleasant language than PHP. (Unfortunately, 
that initial hurdle can be a big one; I am still using PHP on my server 
because I never cleared it.)

-- Russell

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