3D plotting library / OpenGL

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Wed Dec 8 03:53:19 CET 2004

I've been looking for a decent 3D plotting library with support
for user selection that works under OpenGl, preferable with wxPython.

For this first project I need to do a 3D scatter plot with
different colors and glyphs (spheres, crosses, etc.) for the points.
The axes will be labeled and I would like both mouseover and
mouse click selection.  There will be at most 2,000 points.

I've found several for making graphs, like DISLIN, but most
don't offer interactivity.  I spent many hours trying to get
VTK working on my Mac under both native and X GUI toolkits,
without success.  SciGraphica seems close, but it has the
Gtk requirement.

I'm yet unsure about if SciPy fits my needs.

What I was hoping for was a toolkit that worked cross-platform
and assumed OpenGL is available, leaving me to pass it the
OpenGL context and a few other essentials, or something that
made a scene graph that I could render as I wish.

Any pointers, ideas, or suggestions?

				dalke at dalkescientific.com

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