ANNOUNCE: Ice 2.0 released

Marc Laukien marc at
Wed Dec 1 00:12:14 CET 2004

apm wrote:

> Marc Laukien <marc at> wrote in message news:<0YidnREmZ8xECDHcRVn-oA at>...
>>100% of the Ice source code has been developed by ZeroC employees.
> Fixes, bug reports, and enhancement requests have come in from Open
> Source developers around the world, as can be seen from the forums on
> the ZeroC web site.

This is of course correct, but I do not think this is in contradiction 
to what I stated. The submission of a bug report or an enhancement 
request does not constitute development of source code. Neither does the 
submittal of a bug fix, if there is only one way to fix a bug.

-- Marc

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