Upgrading Python Article

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 11:23:33 CET 2004

Sure - I don't really *blame* windoze for the problem. It's just more
of a pain upgrading python version on windows. As I said it's given me
an opportunity to work out which extension modules I'm really using !

In actual fact I admire windows, there's an awful lot that goes on
beneath the hood. Microsofts dubious business practises mean that they
get a lot of stick - but windows is very sophisticated.

It is produced with a different ethos though, not *just* the fact that
it is closed source. It is designed for users, whereas Lunix is
designed for programmers. This means that setting up a compiler isn't a
straightforward process (See the references in the article).

Microsoft do now give away their .NET optimising compiler - but
distutils can't be configured to use it without hacking into it. This
means it's more tricky than configuring distutils to use gcc from
mingw. I'm still not sure whether that will work for python 2.4 - I had
got the impression it wouldn't. On the other hand the microsoft
compiler is *better* than gcc anyway :-)


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