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Daniel Wheeler daniel.wheeler at
Tue Dec 21 14:37:26 EST 2004

I'm on a linux platform and looking in proc/pid/status. Using top shows 
the same problem.

I've actually just found the c routine where the memory is leaking by 
the painstaking process of
taking the difference between memory consumption before and after each 
python routine. I guess
that memory leaks that are not associated with python dangling 
references are nearly always in the
underlying c code.

Also, does anyone know of some good memory diagnostic tools for python, 
maybe even a GUI.
I am currently using some pulled from various webpages:

On Dec 21, 2004, at 12:18 PM, Stephen Kellett wrote:

> In message <mailman.8186.1103648091.5135.python-list at>, 
> Daniel Wheeler <daniel.wheeler at> writes
>> However, I would like to understand first if pure python can leak 
>> without the reference count increasing?
> How are you determining that used memory is increasing?
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