Python mascot proposal

Terry Hancock hancock at
Thu Dec 16 06:42:45 CET 2004

In reply to the OP, I think the snake mascot drawing is cute and
pretty compelling.

On Sunday 12 December 2004 05:49 pm, Luis M. Gonzalez wrote:
> 1) I think that Python's logo should reflect its power.
> If we use a mascot as its image, we would be giving the wrong idea:
> that Python is a "toy" language, instead of a very good alternative to
> other mainstream languages.

No way.  One of Python's greatest strengths is that it's *friendly*:
easy to learn, easy to recall, easy to re-read after you put it down.
That it is also extremely powerful is something it shares with several
other languages.

A friendly logo can be just as (if not more) compelling than a "cool"

> 2) We should also bear in mind Guido's oppinion about using a snake for
> identifying Python.

He should've called it "Monty" then.  I say we use a snake and *call* it
"Monty".  Works for me.

> 3) And finally, we should consider it very seriously. Image is not
> everything, but it is very important for "marketing" a product. I'm
> sure that if Java didn't have a cool name and a cool logo, it wouldn't
> have been that succesfull.

Okay, fine.  The one with sunglasses, then.  ;-)


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