A Revised Rational Proposal

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Mon Dec 27 05:13:04 CET 2004

"Dan Bishop" <danb_83 at yahoo.com> writes:

> Mike Meyer wrote:
>> This version includes the input from various and sundry people.
> Thanks
>> to everyone who contributed.
>>    <mike
>> Title: A rational number module for Python
> ...
>> Implementation
>> ==============
>> There is currently a rational module distributed with Python, and a
>> second rational module in the Python cvs source tree that is not
>> distributed.  While one of these could be chosen and made to conform
>> to the specification, I am hoping that several people will volunteer
>> implementatins so that a ''best of breed'' implementation may be
>> chosen.
> I'll be the first to volunteer an implementation.

I've already got two implementations. Both vary from the PEP.

> I've made the following deviations from your PEP:
> * Binary operators with one Rational operand and one float or Decimal
> operand will not raise a TypeError, but return a float or Decimal.
> * Expressions of the form Decimal op Rational do not work.  This is a
> bug in the decimal module.
> * The constructor only accepts ints and longs.  Conversions from float
> or Decimal to Rational can be made with the static methods:
> - fromExactFloat: exact conversion from float to Rational
> - fromExactDecimal: exact conversion from Decimal to Rational
> - approxSmallestDenominator: Minimizes the result's denominator,
> given a maximum allowed error.
> - approxSmallestError: Minimizes the result's error, given a
> maximum allowed denominator.
> For example,

Part of finishing the PEP will be modifying the chosen contribution so
that it matches the PEP. As the PEP champion, I'll take that one (and
also write a test module) before submitting the PEP to the pep list
for inclusion and possible finalization.

If you still wish to contribute your code, please mail it to me as an

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