Seeking Python + Subversion hosting.

remi at remi at
Mon Dec 6 21:20:29 CET 2004

> Anyone know of a good hosting company that offers both server-side
> Python and a subversion repository?
> I know of one: - they're a bit pricey, but I s'pose
> you gets what you pays for - they look good.
> Just FYI - right now I'm with They're cheap and
> my brief experience have been pretty good at responding to support
> issues. They gave me a big 'no' to subversion though. (tip: if you
> these guys, be sure to tell them you want the server with the latest
> Python goodies *before* you sign up!) supports Subversion hosting as well.
You can also get Trac hosting there if you need it.
This is available as part of all the plans and you'll get all the other
features included (backups, monitoring, DNS hosting, e-mail hosting,
web hosting, DB hosting, ...)

This is where is hosted for instance.


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