Audio interviews of Guido or other Python advocates?

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Dec 4 17:35:10 CET 2004

Dave Benjamin wrote:
> Ever since I heard Paul Graham's OSCON speech as audio, I've been somewhat
> interested in hearing what all these voices of computer culture sound like,
> and what they talk about. I enjoyed a few of Larry Wall's speeches as well
> as Tim O'Reilly's, here:
> I looked around for recordings of Guido, but couldn't find any. Does anyone
> know of any streamable audio (or video) interviews or speeches featuring
> Guido, the bots, or any other interesting people in the Python community?
> I've seen a video of a Bruce Eckels presentation; that's about the closest
> I've found so far.

The canonical recording of Guido's voice can be found on his
own web page at .   ;-)


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