Tricks to install/run Python on Windows ?

Daniel Bickett dbickett at
Mon Dec 27 01:12:51 CET 2004

While I don't have any solutions for your problems outlined above, you
certainly don't need to limit yourself to the "tools" you've been
exposed to (nor should you make a generalization based on them).

If PythonWin is giving you that much trouble, you could optionally use
a different editor. I use DrPython[1] from time to time.

Also, when you say that you had to reinstall your "machine", surely
you didn't mean your operating system? I don't think it would be too
difficult to find a list of registry keys that Python uses, (or,
indeed, inquiring towards the values of those that 2.4 uses and
manually adding them) but I seriously doubt it involves any that your
system's stability balances on.

Daniel Bickett


On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 19:43:24 +0100, StepH
<stephane.bronsart at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to Python.  I'm working under XP, and I've alot of prob. (not
> with the langage itself, but with the tools):
> I've install Pyhton 2.4 in C:\Python24, using the .msi windows installer.
> Then, I've install "PythonWin" (the last build-203).
> I'll try to summerize my prob.:
> 1./ The PythonWin IDE is not stable at all.  Sometimes it exit without
> reason, or don't stop on breakpoint, etc...  Are some of you aware of
> bugs in the last PyhtonWin IDE release ?  I've to open the TaskManager.
>   AT some point, i'm not able to (p.e.) open a file under it !!!
> 2./ I've try to download Komode (he 3.1 personnal).  I've also prob.
> with it !  Also, the breakpoint seems to not always work...
> 3./ So, i've try to use the command line, but i've to manualy change the
> code page od my dos box from 437 to 1252 (i'm live in belgium).  And
> i've not try how to do that permanently !
> 4./ Before, I had Python23 and it seems that when unstalling it, all the
> keys in the registry are not removed at all.  When i've install the 2.4,
> I had a mismatch which force me to complety re-install the machine (I'm
> not an expert of the registry)...
> 5./ Installing komodo seems to "block" pythonwinIDE completly...
> What's wrong ?  Python seems terific, but the tools...
> So... maybe i've to try BlackAdder ?
> --

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