portable text user interface

Maxim Kasimov kasimov at i.com.ua
Thu Dec 30 18:02:06 CET 2004

Grant Edwards wrote:
> On 2004-12-30, Maxim Kasimov <kasimov at i.com.ua> wrote:
>>yes i'm telneting (sshing), that is the reason why i'm looking
>>for libs for making text interfaces. i know there is a project
>>named "anakonda" - red hat linux installer, but it is uses
>>specific C libs. i can use only python libs.
> By "only python libs" do you mean only the stuff that's
> included in the vanilla CPython distro?  If that's the case,
> then curses is pretty much the only choice.  Last time I
> looked, it didn't work on Windows.
> I've used the snack module (which is what anaconda uses), and
> it's very handy for simple text-based UIs.
at ports (FreeBSD) i've found this:
   Port:   snack-2.2.7
   Path:   /usr/ports/audio/snack
   Info:   A sound toolkit for scripting languages

and at http://rpmfind.net i've found: sound extension for Tcl/Tk and Python

so if it's about http://www.speech.kth.se/snack/
not sure is it what i need but will try and thanks for help.

Best regards,

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