Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

Al Christians achrist at
Fri Dec 24 05:40:21 CET 2004

>>> Web browser "widgets" seem pretty limited to me, though.  You don't even
>>> have something as simple as a combo box (i.e. an editable entry with 
>>> a drop
>>> down), let alone the rich set of widgets something like wxwidgets 
>>> offers.
>>> Also web development doesn't seem as coherent to me as development 
>>> with a
>>> good GUI framework.
>> I think it depends on your target audience. Many people love 
>> simplicity.  

wxPython has an HTML control that lets you do most of your UI web-like 
and just drop in the other wxWidgets kinds of controls here and there if 
you need to.  The html control does most of the rendering and such, and 
you can do most of the user interaction with standard clickable links, 
etc, but you can also mix in the full boat of high-powered gizmos to 
perplex the users when you run out of other tactics and annoyances.

Is it pretty?  As a conglomerate with features of a desktop app and 
features of a browser-based app, it's kind of pretty like a platypus. 
Platypus, penguin, or python, there's many a way to lay an egg.


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