Loading a file only once into an object and being able to access it from other modules - still have a problem

Philippe C. Martin philippecmartin at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 9 19:12:30 CET 2004

>Well, from the looks of things, you don't seem to understand the
>basic idea of instances and instance attributes.  There is a key
>difference between SC_ISO_67816.__m_loaded and self.SW1_DICT,
>and that is that the former one is seen by *all instances*, while
>the latter is an attribute in *only a single instance*.

Sorry for the tabs !

Indeed I had not grasped the concept has from my many years in C++, I would 
have had to use a private constructor + a static create method to keep users 
from instanciating more than one object.

You are correct, my __Load method "loads" self.DICTIONNARIES.

So now my understanding is that __Load needs to load 
SC_ISO_7816.DICTIONNARIES, and children classes will have to refer to 
SC_ISO_7816.DICTIONNARIES if they want to see something.

I'll give it a shot right now.

Thank you!


Philippe C. Martin
SnakeCard LLC

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