PHP vs. Python

Roger Binns rogerb at
Thu Dec 23 17:23:32 CET 2004

"Eric Pederson" <whereU at> wrote in message news:mailman.8301.1103782761.5135.python-list at
> My beloved Python-oriented webhost doesn't currently support Mod-Python

You can always do what I did.  I wrote the backend of my app in Python
and run it as an XML-RPC server.  I did the front end in PHP using the
Smarty template tool.  (The actual templates themselves were stored
in the Python server and grabbed via XML-RPC).  Effectively PHP/Smarty
were formatting XML-RPC results, delivered as Python dicts which turn
into Smarty arrays (and it all works fine with nested lists and dicts).

That way I got the best of both worlds, didn't have to get mod-python
installed, and *my opinion* is that Smarty is the nicest template tool
I have tried in Python or PHP.


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