Python + Lisp integration?

Simo Melenius firstname.lastname at
Wed Dec 29 13:50:53 CET 2004


I'm wondering (after a bit of googling) whether there exists a Python
binding to any open source Lisp environment (like librep or some
Scheme or Common Lisp implementation) that could be recommended for
non-toy use?

My intention would be to use the Lisp environment to augment and help
my Python programming (and/or conversely: have access to the wealth of
Python libraries and Python code from a lispy language), which yields
at least the following requirements:

- the type and runtime environment system would need to be quite
  transparently integrated, e.g. being able to use (pass, call,
  set/get attr) Python objects in Lisp and vice versa with minimum

- the performance should match at least that of Python's. That
  probably requires a native interpreter, although the ability to
  compile Lisp to Python bytecode could do (if the lispy language
  could be efficiently implemented in the Python bytecode)

There are many Scheme/Lisp interpreters written in Python, but those
I've found and looked at I consider to be more of proof of concepts.
Nesting different interpreters costs probably an order of magnitude in

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