New versions breaking extensions, etc.

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Tue Dec 14 05:27:42 CET 2004

"Martin v. Löwis" <martin at> wrote in message
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> It's not hard-coded in the linker, but hard-coded in the import library.
> So if you link with msvcrt.lib (which might not be the precise name
> of the import library - I cannot look up the precise name right now),
> msvcrt.lib will in turn refer to msvcr71.dll.

But it makes no difference, no?  The problem is that both Python.exe and the
extensions are *compiled* to link with a *particular* crt.  (How "dyanamic"
is that?)  We could probably kluge around the problem if it were not for the
fact that one crt might perversely define some struct, (FILE, for example),
with difference layouts in different crt DLL's. Right?  The header files
contain the poison.

So it would seem that as far as the crt goes, we are at the mercy of the
micro soft ones.  They could introduce an incompatible crt at any time.

By the way, I've googled around and found others outside the Python
community who have run into the same problem.  In some cases, they have
opted just to stay with VC 6.0.  One said, "At least the 6.0 compiler is 2.5
times as fast."  Groan.

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