how do I "peek" into the next line?

Jeffrey Maitland maitj at
Mon Dec 13 20:32:50 CET 2004

les_ander at writes: 

> Hi,
> suppose I am reading lines from a file or stdin.
> I want to just "peek" in to the next line, and if it starts
> with a special character I want to break out of a for loop,
> other wise I want to do readline(). 
> Is there a way to do this?
> for example:
> while 1:
> line=stdin.peek_nextline()
> if not line: break
> if line[0]=="|":
> break:
> else:
>     x=stdin.nextline()
>     # do something with x 
> thanks 
> -- 

Well what you can do  is read the line regardless into a testing variable. 

here is some sample code (writting this off the topof my head so syntax 
might be off some) 

import re 

file = open("test.txt", 'r') 

variablestr = '' #this would be your object.. in my example using a string 
for the file data,2)
eof = file.tell() #what this is the position of the end of the file.,0) 

while file.tell() != eof:
    testline = file.readline()
    if re.match("#", testline) == True:
       variablestr += testline 


now if I was concerned with being at the beging of the testline that it read 
in  what you can do is in the if is something like: - len(testline)), 0)
and that will move you back to the beginging of that line which is where the 
readline from the previous call left you before the "peek". 

hope that helps some.. 


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