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Yes I am realising there are variaous ways to achieve the same end. I guess
I am in research mode at the moment and understanding what metaclasses can
do is important even if I end up not using them. There is another thread on
this question where I am trying to fill in the gaps in my understanding.


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> I am trying to build a capability based API. That is, an instance of 
> the api will reflect the capabilities of some underlying services.

The question I'd ask at this point is - does the term 'instance of the 
API' correspond to a Python class, or an instance of the class that you 
define? In case you want to have one class per API, you'd have multiple 
classes in which case metaclasses *may* be useful (but still not 
required). In case you want to have one instance per API such that each 
instance has a different set of methods,  you don't need metaclasses at all.



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