ANNOUNCE: pyIrcServer is out!

Lethalman lethalman at
Fri Dec 24 10:25:11 CET 2004

(first, sorry for my poor English)

pyIrcServer (or pyIS) is a powerful and very personalizable IRCd. You 
can use it on several platforms that can run Python 
<> (like Linux, Windows, MAC, and others) and set 
up a very personalizable config. pyIS is runnable as you download it, 
just a click and it's ready! This is possible because its code is 
interpreted, so you don't need to compile the sources.

You can add or remove features by changing modules, classes and utils. 
The modules expand the classes, and the classes expand the entire IRCd. 
You can totally change the aspect of your IRCd by changing classes and 
modules, and in order to be very configurable, the configuration file too.

We made many features and fixed some bugs. The 0.0.3.x package has been 
discountinued because of the new improvements and updates for Python 2.4.x.

The most important things we changed are:
· First of all there's a simple implementation of link to servers and 
· Now you can add, remove and reload modules /on the fly/ by using the 
/ENGINE command directly from IRC.
· The code has been cleaned and decorated to let developers make good 
looking scripts.



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