Newbie namespace question

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Dec 22 21:34:21 CET 2004

Brandon wrote:
> Thanks, that worked to get me past the "problem".  Did you see my post
> regarding my issue?  I just know that there's a "Python way" to resolve
> my issue, so if anyone has a better way, I'm really interested.
> Not only does it feel like a hack, it looks like one too!  Even worse!

If you mean the one you describe in your post with the Jython
code, I can't help, mainly because I can't parse it.  For
one thing I think you are using TABs instead of spaces, and
many newsreaders will eliminate leading tabs so it makes the
code pretty hard to decipher.  I could probably figure it out
anyway, except that I think you have a bug as well:
class DataSource:
def __init__(self, servername):
self.servername = servername

def create(name, connectionInfo, etc):
#Call the IBM supplied WebSphere config object

This is how it looked to me.  The presumed bug is in the "create"
method definition, where you are not supplying a "self" parameter.
At least, I assume that is a method of DataSource and not
a module-level function, because in the previous code you were
trying to call ds.create() where ds was a DataSource object.

I'd probably have some ideas if you reposted with leading
spaces and explained or fixed the supposed bug.


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