thread/queue bug

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Dec 11 00:04:35 CET 2004

phil wrote:
> Uses no locks.

It does use locks implicitly, though, since even just
importing threading will do that, and creating a Queue
does too.

> I am mystified, I have written probably 100,000 lines
> of Python and never seen a thread just lock up and quit
> running.  It happens on a Queue() statement so my suspicion
> is a bug.  ??

You have the source to in your standard library
folder.  Why not throw a few more print statements into
its __init__ and see what you learn?

> I have kludged around it by putting all the thread/queue stuff
> in the main program and import the stuff I don't want to
> distribute.  But mysteries haunt your dreams, sooo...
> #!/usr/local/bin/python
[snip source]

I cobbled together a "working" version of your code
and ran it just fine, whether imported or run directly.
No lockups.  On Windows XP.

Are you by any chance running on a new version of the
Linux kernel, where the threading model has changed?
(Or was it just RedHat 9.0?)

I don't know the details, but I know folks have had trouble
with this and Python...  For example, I found this
reference to the issue:


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